Member Testimonials

Below is a sampling of member testimonials. Contact us for a complete dealer list. We encourage you to call any of our dealers and hear it directly from the source.

Bob Johnson of Liberty Floor & Windows

"Joining FCA Network for me was a "no brainer." I've gotten incredible pricing, nice rebates and reliable support ever since joining, much unlike other buying groups. President Olga Robertson is an acknowledged industry expert who is willing to assist me hands on, every day. As if that's not enough, the annual meetings are well conducted, informative and it's really enjoyable to be around the other members."  Click here to view Bob's testimonial.

Bob Johnson, Liberty Floor & Window Coverings
Griffith, IN
(219) 933-4000

Kevin Murray of Murray Floor & Window Coverings

"The pricing is better than what we were receiving from NFWC. My carpet costs dropped at least 10% on average, and my gross profit is up over 5% since joining FCA Network. The rebate structure is something new to our business. It is nice to see the money come back to my business vs. going to a franchise. They have a nice line of private label products and continue to add to each line throughout the year. The group of dealers who are part of FCA Network are really good people. They have been warm and inviting to new members and are always available to share their knowledge and experience. Being part of a buying group has also added to our credibility with customers and the trades. I can say with confidence that we are more than competitive."

Kevin Murray, Murray Floor & Window Coverings
Billings, MT
(406) 373-0055

Bill Pawson of West Bay Decorating

"I get the best of all worlds with FCA Network. I have found that by combining my negotiating efforts with that of FCA's buyer, we far surpass any pricing available in the market place. I get the right price on the right products - period."

Bill Pawson, WestBay Floor Source
Westlake, OH
(440) 835-2980

BJ Jarabeck of Designers' Touch

"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your help with this claim. I know that without your help I would have been in a huge pickle with the floor that we installed that was indeed defective. The supplier has come through for us because of your help. This is a true testament as to why being part of FCA Network is a MUST for small businesses like mine. I can't thank you enough for all of your help. Please pass this on to everyone who had a part in helping us with this claim. Thank you again! BJ"

BJ Jarabeck, Designers' Touch
Freeland, MI
(989) 695-8090

Tommy Dockery of Crimson Carpet & Flooring

"I flew to Chicago to visit one of the FCA stores and was wowed! I found a team that had identified the keys to success. The management at FCA owns and operates successful retail stores - something no other group in our industry can claim. I knew immediately that I found the right group for me."

Tommy Dockery, Crimson Carpet & Flooring
Tuscaloosa, AL

Jay Kumar of Carpet & Rug Superstore

"The negotiated prices on my middle to high end products are $2-3 lower than I could buy them before I joined FCA Network. Since I have 8 locations in and around Charlotte, I compete against around 100 retailers and big box stores. I can show and sell FCA products with confidence. The reduction in my cost of goods sold has allowed me to gain market share even in a soft economy. I can mark up products 50% or more and close sales. My competitors wish they had our buying power!"

Jay Kumar, Carpet & Rug Superstore
Charlotte, NC
(704) 552-5981

Carlton Billingsley, Floors & More

"FCA's motto is "Simplify Your Life." A HUGE benefit to me is how easy they make running my business. My pricing is at my fingertips anywhere my laptop gets internet coverage. All my products and prices are preloaded. It makes writing up customer tickets, work orders and purchase orders a breeze. When there is a price increase, FCA gets the mills to delay it for about a month and the day it takes effect, I know my prices are already updated in the software. Now that's easy! "

Carlton Billingsley, Floors & More
Benton, AR
(501) 316-0267

Barry Hurlburt of United Carpet Outlet

"When I joined, FCA Network gave me an exclusive area where there would be no other Network stores. I have 10 competitors in my immediate market place. With my exclusive territory and the private branded products, that my competitors can't get, I can show a sample with the confidence that I won't get shopped. My salespeople are more confident AND my margins are up!"

Barry Hurlburt, United Carpet Outlet
Amelia, OH
(513) 797-4000

Steve Knisely of Wholesale Carpet

"I have competition up and down the street from me. I was losing every other sale. Today with FCA Network I have my own label that is exclusive to me in my market. I have confidence in my store again and my margins are higher than they have ever been."

Steve Knisely, Wholesale Carpet
Fox River Grove, Illinois
(847) 639-1855

Bob Gaither of Quality Carpet & Flooring

"My store was in a state of chaos. There was no rhyme or reason for anything with displays and samples on top of each other. I had no idea what was even on my floor anymore. FCA Network came in and created a beautiful showroom with a better product mix all positioned in a way that makes selling not only easier but fun."

Bob Gaither, Quality Carpet & Flooring
Akron, Ohio
(330) 923-0929

Dan Billingsley of Floors & More

"What motivated me personally to become a member of FCA were the people that introduced us to FCA. We flew into Chicago and had dinner with Bob and Olga. Their comments sold me and the knowledge they both had of the floor covering business. Cost was a factor also. It appeared you could get in FCA at a relative low cost to see how the program actually worked. If you didn't like things, it was easy to pull out with no hard feelings. We were ready for a change and knowing we had some different challenges to compete with the box stores and other buying groups. We did not want to reinvent the wheel when the work by FCA was laid out already for a fair nominal fee. In a nutshell, we got new beautiful products to sell along with a new showroom and a new adventure. The last sentence could be used for the benefits derived from our affiliation along with a sense of security, FCA, gives us. Strength comes in numbers and now we feel we are pulling away from the Mom and Pop scenario and becoming a factor in our industry by having us be a part of a group that has the strength and becoming stronger every year. This should give everyone confidence knowing that we have that sense of security which in turn makes our every day business life a little smoother."

Dan Billingsley, Floors & More
Benton, AR
(501) 316-0267

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